The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to the New Hollywood: Success in the Era of Netflix and Streaming Video – Pre-Order Now

The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to the New Hollywood – Success in the Era of Netflix and Streaming Video from Author / Screenwriter / Director / Producer, Gabriel Campisi is available for Pre-order Now through Amazon Prime and Barnes & Noble. This is Campisi’s third book in a series on the motion picture and television industry from McFarland Books. It is slated to hit bookshelves and booksellers everywhere in late August.

Gabriel Campisi (Little Dead Rotting Hood, The Horde, Death Pool) writes an amazing deep drive in the current state of the film industry. Some of the book’s exclusive contributors include Val Hill (Blade Runner 2049, 12 Strong), Pen Densham (Harriet, The Last Full Measure), Patrick Lussier (Trick, Terminator Genisys, My Bloody Valentine), Joel Soisson (The Prophecy series, Children of the Corn series, Hellraiser series, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Larry Kasanoff (True Lies, Mortal Kombat series, Terminator 2), and David Rimawi (Black Summer, Z Nation, Sharknado).

The motion picture and television industry has changed. Conventional business and finance models have been irreversibly altered. As the streaming wars rage on, their far-reaching effects will continue to impact filmmakers and content producers everywhere. If you want to succeed in this new Hollywood, you’ll have to throw away the old school of thought and embrace an entirely new paradigm.

This timely manuscript dives into the trenches of Hollywood to explore the ongoing economic and creative shifts of infrastructure, intellectual property and power taking place today, providing readers with the knowledge necessary to rethink the business, see past the turmoil, and recognize new opportunities never before available.

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