Creepshow: Season 1 (Review)

Directors(s) – John Harrison (Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt), Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), David Buckner (V/H/S, Southbound), Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Webisodes), Tom Savini (Night of the Living Dead, Tales from the Darkside), and Rob Schrab (Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Laser Fart)
Starring – Carey Jones (Teen Wolf, Predators), Logan Allen (Bernie the Dolphin, Birthday Boy), and Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Escape from New York)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 4/5

Tagline – “12 terrifying tales of terror”

I grew up on movies. I didn’t give a fuck about genres when I was a kid. Comedy, action, animated, sci-fi, horror, drama, and so on was never something I looked at. I always looked at the box art in the video store when I made my choice. It wasn’t until the fourth grade that horror started to consume and it would be several years before I started noticing things like director, distribution and production company, actors and actress, and so on. High school was when I fully dived into the genre and that’s when I realized that directors really made a difference. Night of the Living Dead, along with the rest of the Dead series, were always my favorite so it only made sense that Romero would be my go to director.

When I started collecting movies in high school one of the first purchases I made was Creepshow on DVD that came in a snapcase. I still have that release and I fucking love it. I soon bought the sequel from Anchor Bay not long after and loved it as well. Sadly, I watched the third Creepshow several years later and I wish I had that time back. Anyway, when Shudder announced their Creepshow series I was excited for it. If it sucks I still had my films to fall back on. If it was fun I have this one to add to my collection. When RLJE announced a blu release of the first season I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send a copy my way. Thanks guys!

The series, much like the show, follows several short segments each episode with each one bookended by the Creep as they read from each comic.

I wasn’t expecting the show to be better than the first two films but no matter what I saw I knew it would be leagues better than Creepshow III. Honestly, I found myself really loving this season and I sincerely hope we get a second season this year.

The acting in this one is pretty fucking solid even from cast members that I typically don’t care for. It’s awesome to see screen legend Adrienne Barbeau return to Creepshow. Her performance in the first film is one of my favorites of hers. In fact, I often quote her “Just call me Billie. Everyone Does!” randomly to family and friends. Her character is not as memorable in this one but she delivers a great performance. The same can be said for others like David Arquette, Jeffrey Combs, and so on. I was, however, shocked by Tobin Bell’s performance. I’m not really a fan of Bell’s. His performances are usually underwhelming for the most part. His Jigsaw character is the low point in the Saw films if you ask me but I actually enjoy him here. His finest acting to date.

The stories for each episode are inconsistent but are entertaining for the most part. Almost every episode is split between an outstanding segment and a weaker segment. Though, the weaker segments are far from perfect but they still have some redeeming qualities. We do get some of that Creepshow tone scattered throughout but most of the episodes feel like leftovers from Are You Afraid of the Dark and Tales from the Crypt. I’m not knocking season 1 but clearly stating my observations. The episodes centered around children would have easily passed as new episodes of AYAotD. Regardless, they are entertaining and work.

Finally, the film has some gore soaked segments while others are solely focused on the characters. Regardless, the practical effects and prosthetics are fucking top notch which is nothing short of expected coming from a series with greats like Tom Savini and Greg Nicotero directing. We get a gorgeous creature in the story about Champ, unforgettable zombies, and more. These creatures look great and work well with the gore we get. We also get some painfully obvious visual effects that does take away from the gags but not enough to complain about. Overall, Creepshow Season 1 is a must for horror fans. The stories will pull you in, some more than others, and the aesthetic of the show matches the movie at times. If you are a fan of the first two Creepshow films then this show is for you. Check it out when you can!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.