KONGA TNT – Giant Gorilla Action Film First Look

KONGA TNT is a fun giant gorilla film directed by Brett Kelly (My Fair Zombie, Homicycle, Ghastlies) that features appearances from such genre actors as Jennie Russo (She Kills), Chad Walls (Homicycle), Ian Quick (Hell at My Heels), Seb Godin (Lycanimator), Steve Kasan (Necropolis:Legion), John Migliore (Exorcism of the Dead), Trevor Payer (My Fair Zombie), Tomb Dragomir (Ghastlies, Rue Morgue Radio) and more!
Written by Trevor Payer from a story by Kelly and featuring fx by Survival Zombies FX
Distribution news is forthcoming.

A first sneak peek teaser trailer for giant gorilla movie KONGA TNT. Loosely based on the PD comic from Charlton Comics.

Written by Blacktooth

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