K.O.A. (Killed on Arrival) Crowd Funding

From the Indiegogo page:

We are Matt Burns and Moni Parra. Two new independent film makers, based in Four State area of MD, WV, PA & VA.

K.O.A. is the story of four sets of friends, who are spending Halloween weekend at the Beautiful Creekside “Kamp of Antietam”. Each attending is promised a “Once In A Lifetime” Halloween experience at the campgrounds “Haunted Creekside Manor”. But there’s more than just fresh air and fishing going on at the K.O.A.

Our script has been a year and a half in the making. And was finalized late this Spring.

With an almost completely volunteer cast and crew ready for potential production this Fall, COVID willing, we still are in need of help making our Independent Horror film a reality.

Our Projected budget to complete this project is $5,000. This budget will cover costs such as Effects supplies, travel and accommodations, craft services, PPE and sanitary cleaning products, costuming and set dressing, plus other incidental expenses. Any monies above our goal will be divided equally between our Cast & Crew, in appreciation for their time and effort devoted to this project.

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