CAROUSHELL 2 (Crowd Funding)

From the Kickstarter page:

Welcome to the dream of trying to make CarousHELL 2 into a reality. The first CarousHELL got a lot of love from audiences, fans, and critics since it was released. We’ve heard from a lot of folks about how much they’d love to get a part 2, so here is the chance for everyone to pitch in and help make that happen!

Us writers (Aleen Isley & Steve Rudzinski) have put together what we feel is a really great story of what happens to Duke next. It’s not just the same thing over again, we wanted to explore a lot of new ideas while still delivering on the weirdness and horror-goodness that was loved in the first.

Our cast already has several folks attached. Steve Rimpici is back as Duke himself. Experienced voice actor Brittany Barnebei has joined the team as Robbie. Aleen Isley will be shifting from being only a co-writer to our lead villain. This film will also be the first time we work with the very talented Rebecca Rinehart, also joining as a villain.

Production wise we will have Scott Lewis back as cinematographer and editor. As of right now Cody Ruch is designing some creatures for the film and so long as he schedule permits, he will absolutely be back to be our effects expert.

We won’t get lucky by finding someone to give us the money again, so we’re asking you, the fans, to help make this a reality. We were able to lower the budget into something we feel is absolutely doable to raise while still delivering a quality film.

And who knows, if this blows up maybe there will be a crazy stretch goal. Like something big if we hit 30k. But we won’t even talk about that until we reach our initial goal.

Written by Blacktooth

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