Scripted Horror Podcast “In Another Room” Premieres Monday

THE VIOLET HOUR, a premium scripted horror podcast network will premiere its first show on Monday, August 10.  IN ANOTHER ROOM will feature scripts written by seasoned screenwriters, a diverse cast of professional actors, and original scoring and sound design by Emmy Award-winning composers and audio engineers.

Adapted from E3W Production’s ground-breaking, LA-based immersive show of the same name, IN ANOTHER ROOM is a collection of interlocking ghost stories, each one taking place in a different room of a notoriously haunted house. These ghost stories span the entire history of the mysterious home—from its troubled construction in the 1870s to today—and recount the tragedies of the various souls that have lived, and died, within.  The first three episodes of the podcast will drop on its premiere date of August 10, with five subsequent episodes released weekly on Mondays.

Listen to the IN ANOTHER ROOM trailer HERE.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)