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The Convictor: Hunters Moon (Crowd Funding)

From the Kickstarter page:

Hello and welcome to our The Convictor: Hunters Moon project! We are Pharos Creative Studios and we’re so stoked that you clicked on us. Now that you’re here, let us take a moment to tell you what we’re creating. We are hard at work making our dream fan boy comic book. A superhero versus a classic movie monster. Whats cooler than that? Not much in our opinion. So how did we arrive at making a comic like this, you may ask? Simple, we are all very passionate about our resident Ninja-Vigilante and thought how bad ass would it be if he fought a werewolf? We all agreed it would be super bad ass! We complied ideas, drew some preliminary sketches, concept art , and story outlines for this epic battle of man Vs beast. Once we settled on our overall story, we knew we wanted to bring it to Kickstarter. Before this very campaign even launched we were already working on its content. Story pages are currently being illustrated, inked, colored, and lettered as you read this. We are dedicated to bring this passion project to life for us, and for all of you, the backers. Our funding will used to complete production on this 24 page Comic Book with a standard cover, a variant cover, as well as (4) 8×10 posters. Once our funding goal is reached, which will go towards work production, artist commission, supplies, printing, and shipping. Our hopes are to have this book completed by late September / early October. Once completed we will send it out for printing. We want to get his comic out and in the hands , digital or physical of our backers by November 2020.

Will I Like This Book?
Well, lets go through our checklist shall we?

Do you like comics like The Punisher , Daredevil, Spawn, and TMNT?
Do you like Vigilantes and Anti-Heroes?
Do you like dark heroes with an even darker sense of justice?
Do you like classic movie monsters like Werewolves and Vampires?
Do you like genre bending Mash Ups?
Do you like in your face one on one fisticuffs action?
If you answered yes to one, or more of these questions, then The Convictor: Hunters Moon is for you! It pits our dark hero, The Convictor against a supernatural beast of legend, The Wolf-Man in a one on one battle under a full moon. How cool is that? We are so passionate to make this book for all of you, and we hope you are just as excited to receive it!

Written by Blacktooth

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