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Concept Media Releases New Trailer and Crowd Funding Info for Upcoming Film MR. BUZZKILL

Concept Media is crowdfunding their next bloody picture, Mr. Buzzkill. From writer/director Rob Collins. Mr. Buzzkill is the ultimate party crasher… and slasher! Don’t expect him to bring the
beer, he’s bringing the buzz… saw! He’ll have you screaming your lungs out… of your body!

“Concept Media has crowdfunded through Indiegogo in the past with success. However with the ever growing fees they charge, as well as certain indie horror campaigns
getting denied with new rules and regulations against content, we have decided to crowdfund through our own website.” – Rob Collins

The campaign is looking to raise $8,000 to be able to make the film. Perks include everything from copies of the movie, t-shirts, and producer credits.
Another benefit to anyone donating to the campaign, is that it is all done through PayPal. So anyone can request a refund through PayPal as opposed to crowdfunding
sites where it is more difficult.

The cast includes Brittany Blanton, Kaylee Williams, Jason Crowe, Kayla Perkins, Ian Beckroege, Nadia White, Austin Ray Perry, Eric Six, and Don’t F*** in the Woods
director Shawn Burkett as Mr. Buzzkill.

Concept Media Mr. Buzzkill Crowdfunding:

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