New DC Fan Film Depicts a Grieving, Horrific Martha Wayne

When her son’s life is violently taken away at gun point, Martha Wayne descends into a deep depression that inevitably spirals into madness. Can Martha’s grieving husband, Thomas, help pull her back from the brink of insanity, or will he push her over the edge?


If you know FLASHPOINT, then you know this story. I really love the idea of visiting the DARKEST timeline in the DC universe. And I truly think Flashpoint is exactly that. Before I began writing this project, I looked over all of Martha’s Joker appearances, which ironically were not many. Her Joker origins were just glossed over and barely acknowledged, which I feel is a disservice to the amazing idea that she is. So I decided to give her the proper treatment.

I began by pinpointing Martha’s mental journey, beginning with grief, then heading into full on denial, and ending with pure insanity. I wanted to show a broken woman who is so desperate to undo the events that shattered her world, that she purposefully forgot them; and instead those memories haunt her subconscious in “premonition” form.

I also wanted to show that she has been reliving the events leading up to Bruce’s demise for months, like she’s trapped in a vicious cycle. Another thing I wanted to show is the toll this takes on Thomas. I don’t believe he just woke up and decided to be Batman. It was only after months of trying to heal his wife’s mind, and subsequently failing, that he too jumped off the edge of sanity and started on his path to becoming the darkest Knight.

If you’re a fan of scores, you’ve probably noticed that I used themes from both the 2019 Joker film and The Dark Knight. Martha Wayne’s Joker is EVERY Joker. So I didn’t think she needed to be limited to just one theme. I also threw in visual motifs and homages to all the previous Jokers as well. From the cutting of her face, to the “dancing”, I wanted Martha to be new, yet familiar.

Dani Scott came in and owned the role of Martha. She was vulnerable, tragic and maniacal. Sometimes all at once. It’s a true talent and seeing her at work is mind blowing. Tom Proprofsky as Thomas Wayne was the perfect blend of stressed and ready to snap. On one hand, you wanna help the guy get his life back together, on the other hand, you wanna cheer him on as he goes blind with rage.

Minus the Crime Alley scenes, the entire movie was shot in one location. We had some horrible sound recording issues that I was not aware of until after we wrapped. Turns out the location for Wayne Manor had crazy amounts of electromagnetic interference, and it was a true challenge editing around all that.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)