Vinegar Syndrome Announces October Releases – Pre-Orders Are Now Live

Headlining the month is our first 4k UHD release since May, with René Manzor’s spellbinding action/thriller/horror/fantasy masterpiece, DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS (aka 3615 code Père Noël aka Deadly Games aka Game Over). If you haven’t already experienced this truly stunning film, which involves an escaped mental patient Santa terrorizing an action movie obsessed boy who’s ‘home alone’ on Christmas eve, let our extras packed 4k UHD/Blu-ray combo be your introduction.

Next, a never-on-disc slasher that we’ve been excited to bring you for months: William T. Naud’s gory (and appropriately titled murder mystery) WHODUNIT? (aka ISLAND OF BLOOD and SCARED ALIVE). This trashy take on And Then There Were None looks better than you could ever imagine, thanks to our brand new 4K restoration of its original negative!

Continuing our tribute to Mexico’s top splatter master, Rubén Galindo Jr., we’re proud to present the Blu-ray debut of his first film, CEMETERY OF TERROR, in which an undead satanist disembowels rule breaking teens before unleashing a bunch of fellow zombies, which results in some of the most gruesome gore you’re likely to find in a ‘south of the border’ production.

And at last, the José Ramón Larraz film we’ve been promising for almost a year now, his wacky and thoroughly befuddling 1987 feature, REST IN PIECES, which looks fantastic thanks to our fresh 4K restoration of its original negative.

Plus we have ANOTHER VSA title in the form of Dusty Nelson’s black magic rape n’ revenge saga, NECROMANCER!

All five of these macabre treats are up for pre-order right now, just follow this link:

Vinegar Syndrome

Written by Blacktooth

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