Daily Grindhouse, a horror & grindhouse movie opinion and content site, announced today they will be publishing author Andrew Allan’s latest book, MIRACLE ON 42 ND STREET, exclusively on Daily Grindhouse Patreon for the month of October. This marks the first time the site has featured original fiction.

Said Jon Abrams, Daily Grindhouse Editor-in-Chief, “We’re publishing the entire book. It’s like a grindhouse movie filled with crime, gore, crooked politicians, mobsters, and mayhem, all set on 42 nd Street in the year 1986. So it’s perfect for this moment, and we’re sure our Patreon subscribers, and anyone else with an affinity for this kind of material, will love it.”

MIRACLE ON 42 ND STREET’s synopsis:
Special’s a working girl trying to scratch out a living on 42nd Street, the sleaziest strip in America. No pimp, no problem—she can handle herself. But when her friend gets butchered, and an eyewitness dishes the details, Special begs her city official clients to track down the killer. That’s when they try to kill her. Now Special’s on the run from the ugly truth: the cops are making the city "safe" by exterminating the prostitutes, pimps, thugs, gangsters, dealers, muggers, and junkies. And the only way she can survive is by teaming up with a drunk Santa to unleash anarchy. Down on the Deuce, anything can happen. But survival is never easy. And this time it’s gonna take a miracle.

MIRACLE ON 42 ND STREET is the second in Andrew Allan’s Grindhouse Pulp series, which he describes as exploitation movies in book form. He says, “I love making movies. But for me, books are faster and more enjoyable to write.” He adds, “Anyone remotely into cult, grindhouse, or B-movies will find something to dig in the story.”

One of the big surprises of the book is how it turns out to be a prequel to a fan-favorite 1980s cult movie. Allan says, “It just kind of ended up that way. It is completely unaffiliated and
has none of the same characters. But you can see how it would play right into where that movie starts.”

Allan previously wrote and directed the sci-fi horror movie BRAINJACKED and produced Herschell Gordon Lewis’s final directed feature, THE UH-OH! SHOW. Most recently, he wrote HELLFIRE for Sean Donohue, director of DEATH-SCORT SERVICE. That movie is now in pre- production with Texas-based filmmaker Jeremy Sumrall.

The book will be available on Daily Grindhouse Patreon for the month of October. It is included as part of the subscription content, which is only $3 per month. After that, MIRACLE
ON 42 ND STREET will be available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon starting November 2nd.

It is available for pre-order.

Abrams adds, “This is the first of what we hope will soon enough be many books published on Daily Grindhouse Patreon. We’re excited to provide top-quality fiction to go along with our unique features.”

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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