NECAT Network Launches Special Presentation “Dr. Gangrene’s Halloweekend Marathon”

The NECAT Network will be running a special presentation of Dr. Gangrene’s Halloweekend Marathon this Halloween celebrating the career of legendary TV Horror Host Dr. Gangrene.

Beginning at 6pm on Friday October 30th through Sunday November 1st at midnight The Halloweekend Marathon will feature classic episodes of Chiller Cinema, Creature Feature, Dr. Gangrene Presents, The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special, Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium and the world television premiere of the new movie Tales from Parts Unknown.

Portrayed by actor Larry Underwood Dr. Gangrene has haunted the Nashville “Scarewaves” since 1999 from his home on the Mysterious Shackle Island. His original half-hour show Chiller Cinema (co-created with Chuck Angell) became a cult hit on public access television, first in Nashville, and growing wider audiences as it was syndicated to stations across America.

Undewood followed Chiller Cinema with a two-hour movie block titled Creature Feature hosted by Dr. Gangrene which derived its show name from former Nashville TV horror host icon Sir Cecil Creape (portrayed by Russ McCown), premiering on the now-defunct WB Network and continuing as it transitioned into the CW Network.

He met further acclaim appearing in a series of Emmy nominated public service short films directed by filmmaker Cameron McCasland titled Go Green with Dr. Gangrene. The shorts became a viral hit online and received recognition from the office of Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, and the Nashville City Council.

In 2010 Dr. Gangrene appeared in the heavily syndicated made for television The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special which paired him with New England Horror host Penny Dreadful. The special would again be nominated for the Emmy award and play yearly during the Halloween season.

In partnership with McCasland Dr. Gangrene returned to the half-hour format with Dr. Gangrene Presents airing 46 anthology style episodes of classic television programs for the CW Network with re-runs playing at NECAT Network.

For his 20th anniversary he was invited back to the CW Network for a 4-episode engagement of a new show titled Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium where he hosted modern indie films as well as classic movies.

The show was then picked up for a second season on the NECAT Network where Dr. Gangrene has become the resident horror host airing every Saturday Night locally in Nashville at 9pm on NECAT Arts channel 9 and streaming nationwide via the NECAT Roku app. The show became so successful that a buffering issue with the stream occurred due to the amount of viewers tuning in via Roku.

In 2020 Underwood & McCasland teamed up once again to release their first full-length movie “Tales from Parts Unknown”, an anthology film hosted by Dr. Gangrene which premiered at Drive-In movie theaters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Viewers of Dr. Gangrenes Halloweekend Marathon are in for more treats than tricks. In addition to this world premiere movie and these classic television programs, viewers will see newly produced introductions from Dr. Gangrene to his classic shows, as well as rarely seen moments from the vault on Shackle Island.

The Halloweekend marathon kicks off at 6pm with a new episode of NECATs Feel Good Friday featuring a panel discussion between Larry Underwood & Cameron McCasland immediately followed by the very first episode of Chiller Cinema with a new introduction by Dr. Gangrene. The World Premier of Tales From Parts Unknown will happen on Halloween October 31st at 9pm during the regular time slot for Dr. Gangrenes Cinetarium.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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