Voorhees (Fan Film Review)

They committed the perfect crime. They planned for every possibility. But they never planned for him…

Director – Cody Faulk
Starring – Eileen Sugameli (A Witch in Salem, We Only Know So Much), Dan Young, and James Daniel Masten
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 3/5

Thought I was done with Friday the 13th? I still have several more Friday the 13th themed reviews coming up before I dig into the new box set from Scream Factory. A few days back I took a dive into three fan films. Two of those was from S.O.V. legend Todd Cook and the other was Vengeance that was released for free on YouTube last year.

I needed to review the I Spit on Your Grave box set before moving on. Once I knocked that out it was time again to work on more Friday the 13th films. Next up is the recently released fan film Voorhees that made it’s premier on YouTube this Halloween.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a group of bank robbers who find themselves hiding out in Crystal Lake while the local police search for them. What they don’t know is that their presence has awakened Jason who was trapped in the lake. **Spoiler Alert**

I’ve been pretty impressed by these fan films I’ve watched over the last two months. Some put a lot of thought and preparation into these films which makes me wonder what they could accomplish if they put that attention and focus to their own slasher idea. Regardless, some of these films are rather impressive. Voorhees was a fun fan film that didn’t try to focus too much into previous films but deliver a step forward for Jason. With that being said, there was several things I would have loved to see done differently.

The acting in this one is fairly solid for the most part. The film pulls together plenty of experienced talent but the characters are very out of place. Friday the 13th is known for the characters they place in front of Jason. However, these characters are not likable nor do they stand out like films that are canon. Sure, you want to watch them die but you don’t have the one or two you wish would survive like the previous films.

The story for this one tries to blend crime with horror. It works at bringing the robbers to Crystal Lake but heist talk and animosity among the group gets old fairly early on in the movie. The characters needed something else to latch onto. It made for a film that was a little too slow moving and uninteresting at times.

Finally, the kills are fairly brutal which works for slasher fans. The practical and make-up effects looked great as well. This aspect is what impressed me the most. Overall, Voorhees is a well put together tribute to one of the biggest icons in horror and the face of an entire sub-genre. I would recommend this one to any fan of the series but don’t expect a perfect film. It has some entertaining moments along with some flaws. Check it out.

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