There is No Shelter in Kris Roselli’s “Hideout.” Exclusive New Poster Featured Inside!

This summer I became aware of a new horror-thriller filming in New Jersey due to the inclusion of Bryan Enright in the main cast. Now it seems to have come first circle as I’m here to give genre fans the exclusive first-look at the new Hideout poster and three behind-the-scenes stills.

A Gibby Pictures production, Hideout is written and directed by Kris Roselli, who some may remember for taking the reigns on the powerful short film Common Grounds. Part home invasion, part crime drama, all horror – Hideout finds four criminals on the run from law enforcement following a botched robbery. The band of bandits take refuge in a remote farmhouse inhabited by a small, ordinary family. As their time on the plot of land continues, the robbers discover the family is far from wholesome and are hiding dark and deadly secrets.

Roselli says, “Without giving too much away, this home invasion thriller pulls a few twists on the traditional home invasion horror film. It is inspired by the likes of Reservoir Dogs, The Shining, Alien, Dog Day Afternoon, The Thing and From Dusk Til Dawn. The raw visceral performances of the characters mixed with unique and memorable scenes will be a treat for audiences looking to sink their teeth into something spooky, cool, fun and suspenseful. Hideout is very much about the mystery of what is going to happen next.”

Bryan Enright stars alongside Audrey Kovar, Chris Wolfe, Eric Francis Melaragni, Janice LaFlam and Kate Lyons.

Hideout was produced by Kris Roselli, Tierney Boorboor and Mark Mattson with executive producers Mark A. Baum, Len Davies and Imraan Farukhi.

This film is currently in post-production, following a COVID-19 safe and regulated series of shoot dates. You can keep up to date with its progress by following it on Facebook: and Instagram:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)