Thomas Ligotti’s “In a Foreign Town” Premieres on Film Shortage

Michael Shlain’s short horror film, In a Foreign Town, makes its online premiere on Film Shortage. In a Foreign Town takes viewers to a surreal place that blurs old memories with something far sinister. The film stars Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-man Ps4, Love, Death + Robots, Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Tony Amendola (Annabelle, Stargate SG-1). Produced by Shlain, Jason B. Milligan and Travis Stevens at Butcher Bird Studios with Thomas Ligotti brought on board as a consultant and music by Current 93 and Nodding God. The short – which serves as a proof-of-concept for a three-part limited series in active development – is the first major film adaptation of Ligotti’s influential work.

Thomas Ligotti, says “Strange atmospheres being what I seek in my writing and those of others, I felt Foreign Town wholly admirable in making me feel at home.”

The story follows a troubled man recovering from a suicide attempt who recounts a strange childhood journey to a town with no name and the horrifying apparition that has followed him ever since.

Michael Shlain, In a Foreign Town’s director, says, “Ligotti’s stories speak to an experience of dread, alienation and nameless anxiety that I believe many of us can relate to today. They describe my inner world when I’ve been at my most hopeless, depressed, and fearful – a place of emotional darkness, mental fog and distorted reality. In bringing In a Foreign Town to life, we have an opportunity to create a point of connection and dialogue around our shared terror and collective darkness.”

Do not avert your eyes. This is no dream. You’re all going to see everything…

In a Foreign Town is available at the following link: [ WATCH ON FILM SHORTAGE ]

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)