Deck the Halls & Humpleforeskin: The Res-Erection (Review)

Deck the Halls
Director – Josh Suire (Happy Helladays)
Release Date – 2005
Rating – 3/5

Every December I go out of my way to watch as many Christmas horror movies I could find. I absolutely love Christmas, maybe even more than Halloween, but this year I’m not feeling it. I put on my fake smile and unenthused excitement for my children but 2020 has drained me of the holiday spirit. I’m saving some of my Christmas horror films for next year but there was one DVD I couldn’t put off for another year.

Last month I bought the Josh Suire’s double feature from SOV Horror. This DVD contained two shorts from Chris Seaver’s frequent collaborator Josh Suire who also directed Warlock Home Video’s Happy Helladays. I decided it was time to dig into the DVD with the first film Deck the Halls.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a young man who is the center of the jokes from kids his age and his home life is not much better. His mother is verbally abusive and he is forced to do things he does not want to. When Christmas arrives he finds himself pushed to the limit and decides to kill those that makes his life so miserable. **Spoiler Alert**

I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this one. In fact, I didn’t think I would actually watch it considering it was just a couple kids making a movie while their parents were out of the house. However, Suire’s has a similar type of humor that I do so I was genuinely curious about the film. Curiosity killed the cat they say but I enjoyed. Sure, it’s painfully rough but it had some moments and a lot of charm.

The acting in this one is pretty bad. I don’t want to rip on them but there is some serious inexperience and awkward moments. The movie would be a lot better if the cast would have slowed down and tried to get into their roles. The story for this one is simple, short and sweet. It’s not really that good of a Christmas movie but if you are in the mood for a cheap slasher like SOV horror tale then this one would suffice. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before but it had it’s moments.

Finally, the film has several kills that made me laugh. The humor in this one is rather unintentional but it works with the cheap ass kills. Overall, Deck the Halls is not going to reshape horror for you. However, if you want a cheap and entertaining short then let this one be it.

Humpleforeskin: The Res-Erection

Director – Josh Suire (Happy Helladays)
Release Date – 2005
Rating – 3.5/5

Christmas is fast approaching and I really don’t feel like celebrating the holiday this year. Not only has 2020 been a shit show but I’ve not been feeling it on a personal level. However, I still love indie horror and when I come across a movie that really peaks my interest I have to check it out. Last month when I ordered Deck the Halls from SOV Horror I was really curious to see the Josh Suire’s holiday horror flick but Humpleforeskin was the one I was the most interested in. Suire’s work with Seaver is what I best know him for and this short sounded like it would have that kind of humor.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a man who is sick of his evil mother, a theme among both of these films, and turns to an ancient evil known as Humpleforeskin. It requires the conjurer to sacrifice his foreskin in order to resurrect the beast who then feeds on the foreskins of the living. Once the evil is unleashed it’s up to him and his friends to stop it. **Spoiler Alert**

Deck the Halls was a solid amateur horror short that had some moments but one I don’t see myself revisiting anytime soon. However, Humpleforeskin has that type of high brow humor and trashy jokes that made me become a fan of Seaver. Seeing that this film is from a frequent collaborator it only makes sense that these two teamed up on so many films. The film is funny and I could see myself tossing this one again randomly when wanting a cheap laugh.

The acting in this one is a lot more entertaining. The cast here decides not to take a serious approach to their roles. This results in more memorable characters and the humor does distract from their inexperience. The story for this one is fun and filled with humor but is rather short. The movie could have easily been a feature with the story having endless possibilities. However, it’s fun as a short. We get plenty of characters, laughs, and the story really is fun. Fans of Troma and Seaver will truly appreciate this one.

Finally, the film has some blood but those looking for gore will be disappointed. With that being said, I was really impressed by the make-up effects here. Humpleforeskin looked pretty damn good. Overall, Humpleforeskin is stupid but in a fun way. It’s got the humor of South Park with the charm of Leprechaun. I highly recommend checking this one out.

Written by Blacktooth

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