Blacktooth’s 2020 Indie Horror Picks

2020 will go down as one of the worst years of our lives. So many lives lost, people unemployed, and the way we live is forever changed. Movies and how we film them has drastically changed meaning movies, at least how we used to watch them, is a thing of the past. Many filmmakers took the pandemic in stride using their quarantine time to edit and finish unfinished projects or taking the new normal to make their own movies. Regardless, the movies that was released this year was fewer than any year that I remember but some indie filmmakers refuse to give up on their dreams. Here is a list of 20 of my favorite indie releases of the year along with 9 shorts that I enjoyed. Linked is my review for these films.

Movies (in no order)
They Live Inside Us
Death to Metal
Wicked Ones
Psycho Ape
Naked Cannibal Campers
Chills Down Your Spine
Death Drop Gorgeous
Amityville Vibrator
Holland Road Massacre: The Legend of Pigman
Spirit Animal
Before the Night is Over
R.I.P. (Rest in Pieces)
Guardia de Male II
Human Hibachi

Shorts (in no order)
Valley of Carnage
Death Hike
What Have You Done
Like Me Deadly
Conversation with the Devil

Written by Blacktooth

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