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Naked Cannibal Campers the Comic Series (Crowd Funding)

From the Kickstarter page:

This limited series, planned as a three-issue story arc, is an adaptation of the film NAKED CANNIBAL CAMPERS from Gatorblade Films / Reaper Films.

It’s a modern horror tale that takes place in the remote reaches of a Florida State Park where many local weekend vacationers go to unwind and maybe get a little fishing done. It’s a lovely spot where people have taken their families for decades to get closer to nature and escape the humdrum grind of their day-to-day lives. However, urban legend would have you believe that a coven of witches are killing and eating unwary campers! The trouble is… the legends are all TRUE! People are going missing at an alarming rate on the campgrounds and the local law enforcement agencies are powerless to keep it from happening. Only one man (and his reluctant sidekick) can stop the spell-casting menaces from making a meal of unlucky vacationers.

Enter the villains of the story… Sukie, Minerva and Luna… three lovely witches who have a terrible legacy of consuming unwary campers. The comic story explores the motivation of the coven. Why are they like this? Where are they hiding? What does a college hunk really taste like? These and many other aspects of their sordid tale are revealed for your disbelieving discretion in the pages of NAKED CANNIBAL CAMPERS #1!

Naked Cannibal Campers #1 is planned as a 32-page comic in standard American comic size printed on high-quality glossy paper.
Backers can choose from various cover options by David Summey, Amanda Rachels, Javier Lugo and several other enticing choices.
Includes 24 pages of the main story as well as a 4-page back-up story by Amanda Rachels.
Loads of additional bonus content in the Deluxe Digital Download PDF!

This campaign is intended to fund the publication of the first issue of NAKED CANNIBAL CAMPERS limited series. This comic is a 32-page Supernatural Horror with a modicum of comedy thrown in just to slow your heart down a little. The comic will be printed in full color, and it will be published digitally and in print. Several variant covers are planned, just to make collecting this series even more fun! Production is nearly complete and it’s almost time to go to press!

To date, we have finished all of the artwork. The coloring and lettering will be completed by the end of the campaign.

So just settle back, dim the lights and prepare to SCREAM along with us as you experience this pulse-pounding Supernatural Horror Adventure!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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