Aphasia (Crowd Funding)

From the IndiegogoIndiegogoIndiegogo page:

JERKS Productions is a Philadelphia based horror film & art production company run by Brandon Tanczak & Jill Trager. Together, they create horror films and host various art shows in and around the Philadelphia area.

Our mission is to create and express our art as well as give other artists an outlet to share their work. We are working to build a community where artists and creators can come together in a very casual setting to network with others and share their works and expressions.

Aphasia is what happens when you combine the gore of Evil Dead with the character traits of Twin Peaks and will be our first feature-length film.

The film follows Sarah after a failed hanging due to the stress of her work. During the suicide attempt, Sarah watches herself leave her body as becomes an empty vessel for ANYTHING to crawl in.

She re-enters her body but isn’t alone. With the help of an ex-priest and rouge exorcist, they fight to expel what has taken over Sarah’s body and save her soul.

Our main goal is to make a good horror film. As life-long horror fans and as artists we want to make sure we deliver on quality and we need your help!

Our financial goal is to raise $10,000, which will go towards the following:
Permits & Insurance
Gear & Vehicle Rentals
Cast & Crew Costs
Location Costs
Production Costs
Special Makeup & Gore FX
Original Score Creation Costs
Perk Costs

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