He Knows (Crowd Funding)

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Who is the sadistic killer behind the creepy mask that haunts a small Indiana town? Ten year-old Christina saw the malicious elf brutally murder her father on Christmas Eve, leaving behind a Naughty List and taking her brother, Johnny. Now twenty years later, Christina has a daughter of her own, and this Christmas she knows all about Sammy the Elf. But the Naughty List is longer than ever, and no one believes her. Can Christina save them before Sammy delivers terror to all the bad girls and boys?

Indiana filmmakers looking to show what’s possible when you have the right team. This film is being made by Morris Better Pictures owned by: Steven Anthony Morris. This is in association with various other local companies such as Valerint Productions, Brandon Benz. Frog Lab, Kermet Merl Key, Schwestern Sky Films, Diane Fraker and Rebecca Rinehart,

Valerint Productions is an all around production company started by Brandon Benz that ranges from short films to features, music videos, weddings, fitness videos and even video game, Let’s Plays. Based in Indianapolis IN, Valerint has helped produce and shoot shorts such as Batman: Knightmare, Live Action “A Goofy Movuie”(Fan Film), Bluebird and features such as Incarnate: Awakening, 5 Hours to Georgia and Gambling with Life.

Originally operating under a different name and brand started back in 2012, since then has been rebranded to Valerint with the goal of producing high quality films with the look and feel of Hollywood. Investing in film equipment typically seen on a film set, c-stands, apple boxes, flags, diffusion, camera rod systems, wireless video transmission, etc. Valerint Productions helps bring the Hollywood feel to every production no matter what the project.

Kermet Merl Key first fell in love with horror watching Sammy Terry on Indiana’s WTTV 4 in the late 1970’s. He had his first existential crisis at the age of 7 while watching the werewolves burn alive in Joe Dante’s The Howling.He fell in love with Stephen King in the 7th grade when he chose to read THE STAND for his non-fiction book report (he knew the difference, but didn’t give a f***). Now he wants to start a revolution (or a cult) with his horror creations. We should all be concerned.

Schwestern Sky Films was created by sisters, Diane Fraker and Rebecca Rinehart, to give vision to their love of horror. Bec and Di are true Indiana indie filmmakers. Their first feature film, The Embalmers, is in post production and will be released in 2021. The ladies direct, produce, write, act, edit, do sfx, cater sets, are marker masters, and will do about anything for a good shot. (Suffocation anyone?) Bec is Jason Voorhes’ girl for life, while Di is transfixed by Jaws and the beauty of it. When not working on their film, you’ll find them working on their friends’ projects. Becca has become quite the scream queen on her own along with working behind the scenes on several projects in production. Di loves to produce, do sfx and is currently writing another feature film. Get ready. There’s more to come.

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