Crowd Funding to Cover Funeral Expenses For Legendary Adult Film Director Carter Stevens

From the Gofundme page:

Director Carter Stevens (born Malcom S. Worob) passed away at his home on December 30th, at the age of 76.

Carter was an acclaimed sexploitation filmmaker who directed, produced, and photographed dozens of films throughout his nearly three decade career. Best remembered for his genre bending classics like the sci-fi sex comedy ROLLERBABIES, the gritty, hardcore neo-noir PUNK ROCK, and his numerous titles for New York’s notorious Avon Productions, Carter’s work gained a sizable cult following in recent years as he became recognized as one of the major auteurs from the ‘Golden Age of Porn’ along with inductions into the AVN Hall of Fame and Legends of Erotica.

In addition to making his own movies, Carter was one of the larger than life personalities in New York’s indie film scene and discovered actors such as Sharon Mitchell, while his Manhattan studio loft was also used to shoot many other productions, including the infamous ending of Michael and Roberta Findlay’s grindhouse classic, SNUFF.

After suffering a severe stroke roughly 20 years ago, Carter was unable to continue working and was forced to go on social security, which left him with no savings. This fundraiser will help his his children, Braden Frost and Heather Treible, pay for funeral expenses and other urgent costs related to his unexpected passing.

Written by Blacktooth

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