That’s Strange season 3 is available today on and all podcast platforms. In the debut episode of season 3, That’s Strange tackles “The West Memphis Three Murders” and the mystery and controversy that still surrounds the case to this day.

In 1993, three young boys were found dead in what appeared to the authorities in West Memphis, Arkansas, to be a ritualistic killing. As a result, three teenagers were targeted after being identified by others as “satanists” based on the way they looked. The proceeding media frenzy gave the case worldwide attention, becoming one of the most controversial cases in United States history.

 In 2021, the three hosts of That’s Strange make an attempt to understand the crime, the shoddy investigation, and the absurd ending to the story. Alex, Chad, and Ryan dive in and discuss what happened and how it could have been different. They break down the initial crime, the convictions, as well as suspects that were seemingly overlooked.

In season 3, they will also cover such topics as the Dyatlov Pass Incident that led to the deaths of nine Russian hikers in a mysterious fashion, The Battle of Los Angeles, a rumored attack on the United States in the weeks following Pearl Harbor that led to a military barrage on targets that weren’t actually there, and Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, an abandoned park featured on the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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