THE HAG WITCH from Cinesavage Films (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

The cast and crew of The Hag Witch are passionate about creating and presenting a truly terrifying experience that fans of horror can enjoy both for its noticeable influences and uniqueness.

The Hag Witch synopsis: Coping with the loss of her husband, a young woman is confronted by a presence that seeks to destroy her. Is it her husband, something evil, or simply grief?
The Hag Witch will be Co-Directed by Sam Hodge and Johnna Vaughn of Cinesavage Films. Sam Hodge has a history of directing feature and short films while improving his craft and further cementing his style with each project. He most recently worked on Reunion From Hell as Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Composer. Johnna Vaughn starred in and helped produce that film while starring alongside horror legend, Cathy Podewell (Night of the Demons, Dallas).
Our campaign is here to raise the funds necessary to pay experienced, quality actors while being able to utilize all practical special effects and quality locations. $35,000 is the cost of creating The Hag Witch. The film already has guaranteed distribution.
The ultimate goal is to create one of the scariest horror films in recent years.

Here’s how the budget breaks down and why:

Cast and Crew pay: $26,000 covers the cost of quality talent for this film.
Location pay: $3,000 covers the cost of renting locations.
Travel and food: $3,000 will cover the cost of travel and food for our cast and crew.
Special Effects & Makeup: $3,000 will cover the cost of additional special effects and makeup supplies. Part of the crew pay includes creature and effects creation.
Equipment use and rental: $0.00 – Why? Cinesavage Films owns all of the equipment necessary for a quality cinematic film!
One of the great things about contributing is that even the smallest contribution gets you something. Even $1.00 gets you a shout out on the Facebook Production Page. A simple contribution of $9.00 gets you a digital streaming copy of the film as soon as it is completed. Beyond that, you can buy autographs, DVDs, time on set, a chance to act in the film, original art work, props and prosthetics, a chance to eat with filmmakers, producer credits, access and VIP attendance at a premiere, and more. As creators yourselves, you can even buy product placement in The Hag Witch, whether it be your movie or a product you make. If you are a filmmaker or model you can buy a voucher for Sam Hodge to create a soundtrack for your film or shoot you in a horror photo session.
If we don’t reach our entire goal, we will complete a follow up fundraiser and also attempt to raise private donations. The film will be completed no matter what – your contribution ensures it will be as good as possible.

Risks & Challenges
Covid is our primary challenge and we do not take that lightly. We have had lots of experience filming during Covid and have learned how to approach filmmaking in the safest way possible.

All of the normal procedures for Covid-19 safe practice will be practiced: Masks, sanitizing and cleaning frequently, monitoring of symptoms and temperature, and social distancing as possible.
Our biggest tool against Covid-19 is our ability to film with the best quality while maintaining a small cast and crew. The Hag Witch has been designed over the last year and is written in a way that will have no more than 3 actors present in an indoor location at a time while keeping a minimal crew. Clever scheduling and staggering of cast/actors will provide smooth filmmaking and safety for everything while actually using the small size to create an increased sense of terror and isolation.

Written by Blacktooth

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