Zed’s Dead – From the Team Behind Naked Cannibal Campers and Die Die Delta Pi (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

Take a plunge into the morbid world of Z and M’s Pawn. This movie is based loosely off of the characters of “Zed” and “ Maynard” in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. See what happens to “Z” (Jason Henne) and “M”( Patrick Duncan Weston) before, after and during the events that happened in Pulp Fiction. Z and M are on a road to success running their Pawn shop when an investigating officer of the law becomes suspicious of felonious activity happening in and around Z and M’s Pawn. Detective Pine (Joe Makowski), is rundown and burnt out, however it doesn’t stop his forceful nature to stop these criminals dead in their tracks. Enjoy a fun, gory and exploitative movie about an unlikely partnership that leads to murder, lust and betrayal. Brought to you by Gatorblade Films and Reaper Films, the same team that made Naked Cannibal Campers and Die Die Delta Pi.

Pick up some one of a kind props and the finished Blu-Ray or Dvd in this pre-order for Zed’s Dead. All props come with a COA. This is a FINISHED FILM and only requires to get replication of the Blus and DVD’s. Blu-Rays and DVD’s will be signed by the cast and crew. No risk! you buy it, we ship it. Orders will most likely start shipping 1 month after the campaign ends in May 2021.

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