He’s Back! Pretty Boy Returns in Bloody, Slasherific Sequel to “Blind”

Marcel Walz is an incredible film-maker who seems to get better and better with every feature that he creates. Previously known for his Blood Feast remake and creature-feature Rootwood, the emerging legend then launched a new, noteworthy horror villain with Pretty Boy – first introduced in the critically praised thriller, Blind. Now, it looks like the killer will return in 2022 with a sequel that’s more slasher than it is psychological nightmare in Pretty Boy, the feature film. Principal photography is completed, the first poster (featured above) has hit the masses, and many exciting announcements are just on the horizon.

The film’s screen-writer, the equally talented Joe Knetter, had this to say about working on the production: “Filming Pretty Boy was an amazing experience. Every single person on the cast and crew brought their ‘A’ game. Getting back on set safely was our number one priority and we worked hard to make sure it was a great experience for everyone. The sets we built at Wolfpack Studios took me right back to that world we previously set up. I will admit, the first time I saw Faye and Pretty Boy back together I teared up a bit. Blind is our version of a slow-burn 70’s style drama/suspense film. Pretty Boy is a total 80’s horror slasher.”

The film’s director, Marcel Walz, added: “Filming Pretty Boy the way we did was a dream comes true for me. It is beautiful, fun, gory and
creepy. Seeing our Killer, “PRETTY BOY”, slashing through this love letter to the 80s is what I have always wanted to do! Also, as an LGBTQ Director, I could go crazy on set design for the Valentine’s party and overall theme in the movie, so be prepared for a lot of pinks, glitter and some intestines.”

Post-production recently wrapped thanks to giants in the business, Company 3, who previously worked on blockbusters including Joker and Wonder Woman. Sarah French reprises her role as Faye Dayne (maybe?) with Jed Rowen returning as Pretty Boy and they are joined on screen by Heather Grace Hancock, Devanny Pinn, Robert Rusler, Maria Olsen, Jake Red and Andrew Rohrbach. Michael Su served as cinematographer with James Cullen Bressack as executive producer.

Rudiger W. Kummerle, Ivan Bernard Hruska, Oliver Diehm and Daren Hammer produced.

Look for Pretty Boy in 2020, coming soon! You do not want to miss what’s in store for the horror genre when this baby is released.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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