Listen to the “Cicada Madness!” Podcast Here

2020 may have sucked, but it’s important to see the glass as half full as we start a new year. For instance, we didn’t have a mutant cicada apocalypse.

That may be scraping the bottom of the barrel for optimism, but it’s more than residents of a sleepy West Virginia backwater can say in Cicada Madness! Human-induced environmental degradation has forced oblivious roadtrippers, hick hunters, and frat bros to contend with giant mutant cicadas and their insatiable appetite for human flesh.

The one-hour audio drama might make listeners jump out of their skin, and they may be delighted to hear toxic masculinity get emasculated (yes, literally) by monsters out of a creepy critter nightmare. Cicada Madness! is here in time to greet Brood X cicadas, who will surface en masse to lay eggs in summer 2021.

 Link to the podcast.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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