Darcy Coates Introduces First in a Brand-New Series of Chilling Ghost Stories

The Rising Queen of Atmospheric Horror Introduces the First in a Brand-New Series of Chilling Ghost Stories

In The Whispering Dead (Poisoned Pen Press; May 4, 2021; Trade Paperback), USA Today bestselling author, Darcy Coates, seamlessly combines the intense creepiness of a classic ghost story with deadly mystery.

“I’m in a forest and I’m hurt. What happened?”

Homeless, hunted, and desperate to escape a bitter storm, Keira takes refuge in an abandoned groundskeeper’s cottage. Her new home is tucked away at the edge of a cemetery, surrounded on all sides by gravestones. And in the darkness, she can hear the unquiet dead whispering.

The cemetery is alive with faint, spectral shapes, led by a woman who died before her time. Determined to help put the ghost to rest, Keira digs into the spirit’s past life with the help of unlikely new friends, and discovers a history of deception, ill-fated love, and murder.

In The Whispering Dead, Coates has woven together a propulsive ghost story, seamlessly combing the intense creepiness with deadly mystery sure to delight those who love being scared just enough.

“Coates kicks off her Gravekeeper series with this atmospheric, open-ended thriller whose heroine struggles with her mystery-shrouded past” —PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS calls Coates books – “eerie, scary, and utterly delightful.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: DARCY COATES is the USA Today bestselling author of Hunted, The Haunting of Ashburn House, Craven Manor, and more than a dozen horror and suspense titles. She lives on the Central Coast of Australia with her family, cats, and a garden full of herbs and vegetables.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)