Evaporation (Review)

Director – James Bell (Harm, The Bliss)
Starring – James Bell, Mae Bell (Amityville Vibrator, Guardia De Male), and Nathan Rumler (Psycho Ape!, The Big F)
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 3/5

I’ve reviewed a lot of controversial films from some controversial filmmakers but very few find the hate that indie director, effects artist, and musician James Bell does. I’ve been a fan of Bell’s for sometime now but over the years he’s found himself at the center of hate from people that don’t understand his work or are just looking for attention. Regardless, he is a misunderstood genius that does not deserve that hate he often catches.

Last year James announced he was working on a new film titled Evaporation. I couldn’t wait to see it but with the world shutting down and so forth the film was a little delayed until recently when he announced that it was available on DVD. As soon as I could I quickly ordered a copy.

**Spoiler Alert** The film is set against a dystopian society where people roam the decayed landscape in gas masks killing, mutilating, and sometimes fucking. **Spoiler Alert**

You never know what kind of wild and bloody trip Bell will take you on but you can damn well expect to be a violent and brutal one. I dislike extreme horror that lacks stories but Bell’s films take the most simple and mundane story and stretches them to the point that you can’t believe something like that would be so much fun but they are. Don’t believe me? Go to his imdb page and read the synopsis’ for his films then watch them. He has yet to let me down but if you read the synopsis for them before hand you would think they would be more mindless extreme horror. He is a very unique filmmaker and one that I have been a huge fan of for sometime now. Evaporation is another amazing entry in his already spectacular filmography.

The acting in this one is not what you would consider traditional acting. The cast consists of a bunch of people in gas masks, aside from one or two that don’t, as they murder people or rape corpses. It’s pretty difficult to judge the acting in this one but the cast really does dedicate themselves to the film so there’s that.

The story for this one is so fucking simple but Bell’s style and effects mastery takes this simple story and stretches it to the point that the viewer has no idea how fucked up the ride is going to be. It’s extremely violent, graphic, and rewarding at the same time. I love hitting play on a new Very Fine Crap Video release because I know it’s not going to be a twisty type of film. Instead, the story is in your face and laid out perfectly for you to see along with the gore.

Finally, this wouldn’t be a film directed by James Bell if it didn’t showcase some amazing practical effects. The kills are fucking brutal, bloody, and extremely gory. I love a good, no-budget splatter flick and Evaporation is among one of the best I’ve seen. Overall, Evaporation is not for everyone. I know some of you will watch it and rally to lynch Bell because you have nothing better to do but for those of us that love a messy horror flick with plenty of the red stuff then I highly recommend this fucked up slice of indie gold.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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