Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving Afternoon (Review)

Director – Addison Binek (Psycho Ape!, Tromasterpiece Theatre)
Starring – Addison Binek
Rating – 3.5/5

Several years ago YouTuber, director, and actor Addison Binek added me on Facebook and I saw him post clips from his YouTube series Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon. Not long after I met Addison at Cinema Wasteland and spoke with him several times over the years there about his films and Troma in general. I bought a couple of the DVD releases of his show when he had them but I never got around to watching any of the episodes.

I am a fan of his two Tromasterpiece Theatre films and Psycho Ape! is one of my favorite films of 2020 so he knows how to tickle a funny bone. A few days back he reached out to ask me to review two of his DVD releases of Rainy Afternoon. I didn’t know how to approach these reviews but I’m also not one to turn down free movies either. Thanks Addison for sending these over!

**Spoiler Alert** Movies to Watch on a Thanksgiving Afternoon follows your host, Addison, as he watches and riffs various Thanksgiving or food themed movies ranging from Thankskilling, Blood Freak, The Man Who Collects Food, and so on. **Spoiler Alert**

Addison is a funny man. If you’ve watched any of his films then you know he has a wonderful sense of humor which translates very well to his work. Movies to Watch on a Thanksgiving Afternoon, and any episode of Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon, are a no-budget send off to the classic series MST3K. It’s fun, creative, and brings some attention to some seriously underrated movies.

The acting in this is a one man show for the most part. Unlike Tromasterpiece Theatre which features Addison in character and the voice acting for various puppets, Addison carries each episode with his own brand of prop comedy and one liners. It’s fun to watch him riff on these flicks. The overall series doesn’t really follow a story. Instead, each episode is written around the film being riffed. It’s fun, spontaneous, and fitting for each episode. I also enjoy Binke’s brand of humor. It fits very well for the style of the show.

Finally, this show doesn’t have the blood and gore some of you would be looking for. Most of the movies he riffs has some blood and gore in the clips he shows but the show itself doesn’t really focus on that side of the genre. Overall, Movies to Watch on a Thanksgiving Afternoon not only a funny YouTube series but it’s a great primer to find new movies to check out if you’ve never seen them before. Genre fans should check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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