NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE of Troma’s MUTANT BLAST Coming to New York City on MAY 22nd

Troma & director Fernando Alle’s Festival Hit MUTANT BLAST produced by Independent Film Legend, Lloyd Kaufman set to premiere in New York City on May 22nd and we are organizing the NYC “BREAK” now. Your theatre or venue can book MUTANT BLAST now.

The director, and Toxic Avenger creator,
Troma President, Lloyd Kaufman will be available for
in-person or virtual appearances and Q&A!

This is your opportunity to book the film the critics are calling, “The Most Pure Fun I’ve had in Ages…”

Freshly nominated for a
Sophia Award for Best Visual Effects by the Portuguese Academy of Cinema, MUTANT BLAST is Troma’s answer to the Academy Award Winning PARASITE (FULLY UNCENSORED and COMPLETELY SUBTITLED!) will first hit North American cinemas on
Saturday May 22nd!!!

After a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong and the world is turns into a zombie apocalypse, a man with superhuman strength, a ferocious, fearless female soldier and a slacker with mean hangover must band together as the human race’s only hope for survival against a zombie apocalypse in a world that’s about to become a nuclear wasteland!
Fernando Alle’s debut feature
length film, which dances the line between comedy and horror, is sure to be one of the most exciting and wildest films
Troma has ever released!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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