Muzzle Flash (Review)

Director – Benjamin Ruffet (El Diablo Ha Invadido Mi Sangre)
Starring – Jeff Abel, Kellen Cousens, and Reese Cranston
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 3.5/5

Social media is still a valuable resource for me as an indie movie collector. These movies were made on little to no-budgets so they have no money set aside for advertising. I’m always looking through hashtags on Instagram and the various movie groups on Facebook in search of new indie flicks that I’ve never seen before.

A few weeks ago I was on Instagram when I came across a post from Hamilton Trash Cinema about their fourth film Muzzel Flash. This was my first time seeing a post from them so I was very curious about the film. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send a review copy of Muzzle Flash over for Horror Society to check out. Thank you so much!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a group of detectives that are on the hunt for a cult that may have a beast with a taste for human flesh. The closer they get to finding the cult they closer to danger they come as the cult puts a hit out on them. **Spoiler Alert**

Muzzle Flash did exactly what I love seeing indie flicks do. The film didn’t have a budget to work with so they overcompensated with humor. It works and brings some laughs where the movie could have fell apart.

The acting in this one is not perfect but the film doesn’t try to deliver amazing performances. Instead, it focuses on the characters and how outlandish they can be. It makes them more memorable and the humor makes the viewer forget about the film’s shortcomings. The cast does a great job and had me laughing from beginning to end.

The story for this one is not a horror flick in a traditional sense but it has enough horror elements to really enjoy it. The over-the-top detectives searching for a cult who can summon werewolf like demons is pretty fucking wild if you ask me. The comedy approach to a crime flick worked for a fun exploitation throwback. If you are a fan of Dungeon Entertainment or Warlock Home Video/Low Budget Pictures then this is your type of humor. However, the movie is WAY too long for the story we get. Some of the fat could have been trimmed and the movie would have flowed a hell of a lot better.

Finally, the film has some blood and explosions but they are laughable bad visual effects. Don’t go into this one expecting the best effects you’ve seen. However, if you want some of the worst visuals imaginable, I’m talking Wakaliwood bad, then you are in luck. Overall, Muzzle Flash is for those of you looking for a laugh. If you are the kind that take yourself too seriously and don’t know how to have fun then this movie is not for you. It’s funny and really hit the spot. I highly recommend it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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