Blaming George Romero (Review)

It’s the end of the world as they know… and they feel awesome!

Director – Robert Lise
Starring – Sam Platizky (Chronicles of the Beyond, Spooky), Robert Lise (Red Scare, Dr. Pegg), and Loarina Gonzalez (Skype War, Home at War)
Release Date – 2011
Rating – 3/5

Several months ago I was browsing the indie releases on Amazon. I do these from time to time to snag some releases that have slid under my radar. I saw an indie movie from 2011 that really caught my attention. The film, Blaming George Romero, looked like the type of movie that I would have watched in college during the early 2000s so I snagged it. I didn’t have to watch it when it arrived but I sit it by the television to toss in as soon as I could. After I finished It Wants Blood! I figured now would be the perfect time to check it out.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a group of twenty-somethings who are obsessed with horror movies and struggling with adulthood. One night while having a get together they are attacked by a bloody man. They fight off their attacker and agree that they are in the beginning stages of a zombie outbreak. They gather what supplies they can offhand and flee to a spot they think would be perfect to wait out the apocalypse but as they continue on their journey they have doubts that the man was a zombie at all. **Spoiler Alert**

Blaming George Romero is a very unique spin on the zombie sub-genre. It’s hard to find a zombie movie that’s not a clone of The Walking Dead in some capacity after 2010 so this was a breathe of fresh air. It works for this film but I don’t see myself revisiting this one anytime soon.

The acting in this one is pretty solid for a film of this caliber. The cast works extremely well together on screen. Their chemistry together is what makes this film work. The characters have great personalities and the cast does a fantastic job at bringing those to life on screen.

The story for this one is so simple but extremely entertaining. The film is character driven with a lot of time spent on their development. It works but doesn’t have a lot of replay value. Once you’ve seen it the story is no longer affective. With that being said, it’s still an enjoyable film with the same kind of tone that made Kevin Smith’s earlier films so enjoyable.

Finally, the film is not a bloody one. We have one seen with a little blood but that is fairly early on in the film and the effects are minimal. This is not your typical zombie film in a lot of ways and the deaths you would associate with a zombie film is no exception. Overall, Blaming George Romero is a fun late night no budget horror flick that is fun with some friends and a few cheap beers. The movie is far from perfect but it works at least for one viewing. Check it out because you will not be disappointed.

Written by Blacktooth

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