She Burns in Hell: Accounts from Chamberlain, Maine (Short Review)

Inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie

Director – Ryan Stacy (Trespassing, Failing Grace)
Starring – Brittany Blanton (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, The Lamb), Sarah Curtis (Failing Grace), and Zavia Jones
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3.5/5

Concept Media is a company that always comes out swinging. They always go into a new project, regardless if it’s a feature length film or short, with everything they have at their disposal to tell the stories that they want to tell. Horror is a such a diverse genre which only makes sense that I won’t like everything being pumped out. Director Ryan Stacy has helmed some very memorable horror features and shorts. He is the mind behind Ladies’ Night which is my favorite of all the CM catalogue. With that being said, he still holds a small grudge because I wasn’t a fan of his Midsummer Nightmares.

Anyway, when Ryan announced that he was working on a Carrie fan film I was very interested in it. Hell, when it was released in 2019 I thought I had reviewed it but Concept Media co-founder Shawn Burkett informed me that I had not. I was quick to fix that mistake.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows the survivors of the event in the film “Carrie” when Carrie White (Blanton) exacted revenge on those that tormented her by using her telekinetic powers. The survivors are interviewed about what happened that dreadful night. **Spoiler Alert**

Most horror fans are familiar with Carrie. I’ll admit that King’s Carrie is one of the few stories of his that I had not read but I’ve watched the original film more times than I can count. The film is iconic and Sissy Spacek’s performance as Carrie is legendary. I was very curious about how Stacy and Concept Media would approach such a film. When it was all said and done I would have to admit that I enjoyed it but there was a few unintentional laughs along the way.

The acting in this one is great. Concept Media has a fantastic stable of actors and actresses and this one has some familiar faces. Brittany Blanton is a powerhouse behind the camera but in front of the camera she’s just as talented as she is beautiful. She is always delivering amazing performances and she does a great job as Carrie. Sadly, the film isn’t long enough to really see her take the character as far as she could but I hear there is two more chapters in the works. The supporting cast is great as well. We have some quick performances from a few Concept Media regulars, as well as, some new faces. With that being said, the wigs in some of the scenes had me laughing so fucking hard. It does make the scene feel a little tone deaf but doesn’t ruin it.

The story for this one is a very clever tribute to such a historic horror film. Having the survivors give first hand accounts was actually a stroke a genius. However, I would have loved a little more of an “after the incident” type of fan film. Maybe in the upcoming chapters? The film makes great use of it’s short running time and is able to hold the viewer’s attention very well.

Finally, the film has some blood but if you are looking for gore and amazing practical effects then you are going to be very disappointed. The short is very character driven but if you want some red stuff then there is some for you. Overall, She Burns in Hell is a great tribute to the film that now lives in infamy. It does a great job at not retelling the original story but giving us an extension of a films we all have seen. If you have not seen this loving tribute then I highly suggest you give it a watch.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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