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Concept Media Releases Teaser for Ryan Stacy’s SHE BURNS IN HELL: CHAPTER 2 and Crowd Funding

From the Indiegogo page:

For ten years Concept Media Films has been a leader in creating indie-horror content. From slashers & creatures, to psychological thrillers & the paranormal chillers, we’ve done it all! In 2018 we changed things up a bit with the release of our first, completed fan-film. She Burns in Hell: Accounts from Chamberlain, Maine hit our YouTube and we always assumed that would be our only adventure with Carrie White.

Flash forward to the final day of shooting Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2! Brittany Blanton and I were ruminating on the fun we had making that short. She loved playing Carrie so much and that was the most enjoyment I’ve had as a director. Knowing that more material existed in King’s novel, I asked if she would be interested in co-producing another short, showcasing these moments. Including many iconic events that have never been included in any prior adaptations. Brittany agreed and within two days, I had the script set. And cast began confirming like crazy; everyone I approached really wanted an opportunity to be a part of this project! CARRIE is ICONIC, afterall!

In March of 2021, we stepped on set to begin production; I am so proud to say that this was my first, self-produced shoot. I was intending to do this the entire run of the shoot, actually. Until I was unceremoniously fired from my job in April. With this film being so far in the works, and complimentary copies of the film already spoken for, a decision was made to try crowdfunding. We are asking for some help from you: our fellow CARRIE fans!

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