Transubstantiation (Crowd Funding)

Veteran Film Director Cody Knotts has created a unique twist on the most famous of movie monsters, Vampires. What if a Vampire needed to drink the blood of Christ?

Janusz, a 200 year old vampire (famed standup comedian Ryan Joseph, who has opened for Whitney Cummings), discovers that only the Blood of Christ can cure him. He stalks then abducts Father Mark (South African actor Scot Cooper) who has become famous for killing the murderer of his entire family. Believing the Priest to be a kindred spirit, Janusz tries to force Father Mark to perform a Eucharistic miracle, where the Blood of Christ becomes physically blood. Father Mark refuses and Janusz begins to kill members of innocent family to force God through Father Mark to perform the miracle.

The film deals with issues of forgiveness, the need for Confession, the miracle of the Eucharist and Also starring in the film are Jennifer Chudzinski and Nacya Marreiro. The music will be arranged by Emily Lapisardi, Director of Musical Activities at Most Holy Trinity on West Point (United States Military Academy).

Production begins on July 5 th 2021 in New York. The production is seeking additional funds to extend filming with an indiegogo campaign at Transubstantiation | Indiegogo.

Written by Blacktooth

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