Blu Review – No Reason (Unearthed Films)

Sometimes death has no reason

Director – Olaf Ittenbach (The Burning Moon, Legend of Hell)
Starring – Irene Holzfurtner (Savage Love, Zoe), Mathias Engel (Seven Days Sunday, Luther), and Alexander Gamnitzer (Escape, Zoo Doctor)
Release Date – 2010
Rating – 2/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Many years ago I was introduced to German splatter artist Olag Ittenbach when I was gifted The Burning Moon by a friend. I’ve always had a fondness for indie horror and there is something about no budget horror films that I absolutely adore. The Burning Moon had that no budget look and feel in almost every aspect except the practical effects. His practical effects and gore in his films are now iconic with Ittenbach becoming one of the most popular names in the extreme horror community.

When I saw that Unearthed Film was releasing Ittenbach’s 2010 film No Reason on blu I couldn’t wait to check it out. I quickly rushed over and contacted MVD who was kind enough to hook me up with a review copy. Thanks guys!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a young woman, who is a mother and wife, who discovers that her husband has been having an affair with the babysitter after she receives photos of the act along with a threatening note. She runs herself a bath and soon falls asleep in the tub before awakening in her apartment covered in gore while a masked man walks her through torture and torment. **spoiler Alert**

I went into this one expecting to see a showcase of blood and guts and I was not disappointed. With that being said, that was all the movie was able to deliver. It lacked a story the viewer could grab onto and the characters are unlikable. The gore is absolutely astounding but I need more to a movie than just a sizzle reel for gore effects.

The acting in this one is extremely one sided and inconsistent. The film’s lead delivers one of the most demanding performances I have seen in a horror film. She really dedicates herself to the role and her performance is one of the few redeeming qualities of the film. With that being said, the supporting cast delivers some of the laziest dialogue I have ever seen on film. It really makes what little bit of story we get feel out of place.

The story for this one starts out interestingly enough before fizzling out. We get a interesting premise at the beginning but the film goes seemingly nowhere. We spent most of the movie watching our lead scream while rolling around in blood while a masked man kills people in front of her. It makes the viewer believe there is a much bigger picture that will eventually reveal itself but it never does.

Finally, the film has some of the most impressive and repulsive torture scenes and deaths I have ever witnessed. I can’t remember the last time a movie actually made me look away but this one did that several times. The kills are unforgettable and the effects really do blend the line between movie magic and real life. Overall, No Reason is a phenomenal practical effect spectacular that lacks story. Most of the side characters are annoying but the lead is absolutely astonishing. If you love gore but don’t care about story then this one is for you. However, if you are like me and prefer gore with story then this is one you will want to avoid.

Special Features:
Making Of
Interview with Timothy Balme (Dead Alive)
Photo Gallery
Trailers from Unearthed Film

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