Horror Legends Kane Hodder And Bill Moseley In TABBOTTS TRAVELING CARNIVALE OF TERROR

A spine-chillingly gripping film about misfortune at a traveling carnival.

This traveling carnival, a well-oiled machine of malignant deception moving into its third generation of grinding up choice guests and spitting them out, runs according to its own twisted family plan. Each Tabbott plays their part—Papa, the ringleader and ringmaster; Mama, the fat witch on her throne; the children: Bobbie, a seductively cunning fortune teller; Buck, the temperamental werewolf; Elijah, a silent scarecrow; and their darling Emma, the ghostly child you’d do well not to ignore.

From Nikkso Productions.
Directed by Thomas S. Nicol.
Written by Alexis Elizabeth Lynch and Thomas S. Nicol.

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Written by Blacktooth

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