Blu Review – Crazy Nights (Full Moon Features)

Director – Joe D’Amato (Cannibal Love, Porno Holocaust)
Starring – Amanda Lear (Dance Challenge, Love Reinvented) and Marina Hedman (The Devil in Mr. Holmes, Cop in Drag)
Release Date – 1978
Rating – 1.5/5
Blu Release – 2.5/5

Full Moon has released some wild movies over the nearly 40 years that they have been at it. Some horror, sci-fi, kids friendly, and even sexploitation. If he can make a buck off of it you can bet your sweet ass Richard Brand will sell it. I’ve seen a few sexploitation and skin flicks from Full Moon and, honestly, they are pretty damn fun.

A few days back I reached out to MVD about reviewing Full Moon’s release of the two Emanuelle films. When they arrived I was surprised to see the blu release of Crazy Nights tucked in the package as well. I had heard of Crazy Nights sometime ago when I was doing a review for one of the many Joe D’Amato films. It didn’t really look like a movie I would dig but since MVD and Full Moon took the time to send it over I might as well review it! Thanks guys.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Amanda Lear as she hosts a documentary following different popular areas and their dance clubs where we see what the popular erotic and sexy dances of the time are. **Spoiler Alert**

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I tossed in Crazy Nights but it did live up to it’s title. However, I’m unsure who the target audience is for this one. I have no idea who Amanda Lear is or who would want to watch a documentary of sorts featuring various people dancing. I found myself laughing a few times but aside from that I seriously struggled to finish it. It was very difficult to finish this.

The acting, or lack there of, is nonexistent just like the story. We follow our host Lear as she introduces each segment before moving on to the dance numbers from around the world. No acting, no story, just dancing and Amanda Lear. No interviews or topics to discuss like a normal documentary as well. The film is edited together nicely with smooth transitions and nice leads into each segment but that’s not enough to really save this one.

Overall, Crazy Nights is not really aimed for the traditional Full Moon fan or even fans of sexploitation. If you dig burlesque then you may dig this one. Otherwise, then you may not enjoy this one.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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  1. I saw the trailer for this movie (“Mondo Erotico”) as an extra on my German DVD of Mondo Cane 3.

    The trailer didn’t help me understand what the actual movie was about. Amanda Lear is at a disco holding a microphone. Sometimes she sings. Sometimes she dances. Sometimes she rides a motorcycle. She tries on different wigs and examines a diamond. There are a bunch of people dancing with a few naked people jumping and a topless lady with bunny ears/tail among them. The narrator proclaims it to be “THE Sex-Show of the Year!”

    The trailer made the movie seem much more exciting than it apparently is in reality. Amanda Lear watching people dance doesn’t sound like a “Sex-Show” of any kind, let alone the best one of the year.

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