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Review: Gerardo Chierchia’s TIME GODDESS

Woooooo, this one was almost too much to handle! If anything, Time Goddess is a bizarre and cautionary tale of why you should pay attention when driving. Following an old school, animated opening sequence that felt like a video game cutscene, a zany old man (David Black) is driving in the car with a social media obsessed woman (Helene Dunlop). As they speed down the roadway, they get into a very “Back to the Future” scenario when their car time travels to prehistoric times. Though the man remains in present time and remains unscathed, the woman finds herself surrounded by dinosaurs and a tribe of worshippers. But are they more than they seem? Directed and edited by Gerardo Chierchia, Time Goddess is a 12-minute short film currently available to view on YouTube.

Time Goddess was written and produced by David Black and was shot as a David Black Production. It was definitely designed to be unnecessarily campy, in my opinion, but if you’re a “MADTV” fan and enjoyed the Prehistoric Amazon Huntresses segments, then you’re going to get a kick out of this short film. It could honestly serve as a prequel, with really the only thing working out with the camera quality. It’s a little confusing because it belongs in 2021, feels like it was made in the 90s, and then takes place in prehistoric times, but its timeline is more than made up for by the fact that it’s completely absurd and comedic in the most uncomfortable way. Time Goddess reads like “Back to the Future” that takes place in “Jurassic Park” with the characters from “Dude Where’s My Car.” A trip, indeed!

Listen, I can’t knock Time Goddess because I think they achieved what they set out to do. Make a scifi comedy that feels like you’re on drugs and part of a “Monty Python” sketch. It’s rough around the edges, but completely self-actualized. Final Score: 9 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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