Blu Review – Strike Commando 2 (Severin)

Nobody could stop him

Director(s) – Bruno Mattei (Shocking Dark, Strike Commando) and Claudio Fragasso (Troll 2, Night Killer)
Starring – Brent Huff (Nine Deaths of the Ninja, Wizards and Warriors), Mary Stavin (House, Twin Peaks), and Richard Harris (Gladiator, Unforgiven)
Release Date – 1988
Rating – 2.5/5
Blu Release – 3/5

I love how campy and cheesy 80s action films are but nothing compares to their sequels. Sometimes they have bigger budgets and bring on bigger names but they usually skip on the story. They rely on the names and the title to pull in viewers instead of genuinely progressing with the story. I really enjoyed Strike Force so I was really looking forward to the sequel that was also sent my way from the fine folks over at MVD. Thanks again guys for always supporting Horror Society!

**Spoiler Alert** This film once again follows Michael Ransom (Huff) who is a one man wrecking machine that is on a lone mission to save the major that commanded over him years ago. The major was kidnapped and taken to the Philippines but when Ransom fights his way to him he quickly finds himself betrayed when 10 million dollars worth of diamonds is up for grabs. **Spoiler Alert**

I never expect a sequel to an action flick to out do the first film. I expect the follow up to be cheesier and even more fun. Sadly, Strike Commando 2 throws the same story down our throats with half the fun.

The acting in this one not as fun as the first film. Huff has no energy throughout this one with a few occasions he shows some intensity but nothing like Reb Brown’s performance in the first film. He’s here for a paycheck and that’s evident throughout this one. The supporting cast is not much better. A lot of lazy performances and nothing campy which is one of the few reasons this one is skippable.

The story for this one is almost the exact same story as the first film with only a few minor changes. We follow Ransom as he fights through the jungles of the Philippines, instead of Vietnam, only to be betrayed and forced to fight even more people. Pretty much the same story without the unintentional humor and the choppy performances from the cast. There is some decent action sequences but they feel out of place.

Finally, we do get some explosions and some gunfights with a little blood but nothing that will stand out. Overall, Strike Commando 2 has some fun moments but doesn’t hold a candle to the first film. Completionists will want to check it out and this Severin release looks great but the film itself is a bit disappointing.

Special Features:
Includes Both Theatrical and Extended Cuts
Guerrilla Zone – Interview with Co-Director Claduio Fragasso
Michael Ransom Strikes Back – Interview with Actor Brent Huff

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