Erotomaniac – a Psychological Horror Film (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

A young man named Mike starts receiving messages from a shy, seemingly innocent young woman named Carli. She likes to play dress up, often dressing up as her favorite animal: a cat. She lives with a nice Mormon family, and is well-liked by those who know her. Only Mike knows her true secret, and he is in terrible danger. But who would believe him?

My name is Sam, or as I am known on social media, Krypt0g0b1in. The writers at have referred to me as “the new John Waters” on numerous occasions, but I never set out to be anything other than the first me. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Film and Television Production. Since graduating, I released 3 feature length other horror features, which I wrote, directed, and produced. Though I have primarily funded these films myself with little outside financial help, I have earned DVD distribution deals for my films, and some of my films are currently streaming on Amazon.
My next film, Erotomaniac will be bigger, better, and more important than the other 3 films. It is a very dark and disturbing tale about the psychological effects of repeated sexual harassment over long periods, eventually leading to sexual assault. The film is not an over-the-top surrealist film like I have made in the past. It is very realistic and very serious, though in moments of psychosis in the mind of the protagonist, some truly bizarre, surrealist moments will arise. At certain points, you may not believe what you are seeing.
There are few, if any, films dealing with the topic of a female sexually abusing a man, but I think it is an important topic to open a dialogue on and explore some ways that might manifest itself. While this film does have a strong societal message, our goal is to funnel that through a truly entertaining, memorable, and even fun horror film. It is entertainment, but paired with a message. Sugar-coating the pill. This film, like life, is a bag of mixed feelings and emotions.

What We Need & What You Get
Our main costs will be renting locations and paying our cast. Fortunately, we are in Los Angeles, which means we have access to incredible film sets and professional actors. However, you get what you pay for and this film deserves top quality, so we are asking for your help.
We are hoping to raise 10 thousand dollars, which seems like such an enormous amount, but compared to most feature length films, that is very inexpensive. Through our previous films, my dedicated crew and I have mastered the ability of stretching our budgets as far as possible, and have fooled people into thinking our films were more expensive than they really were. 10 thousand dollars would allow us to do things we have previously only dreamed of.
We have perks available, including DVDs, posters, signed scripts, and more. Check them out!
We are also hoping to cast at least one star actor, though this is dependent on how much we can raise. We do have some ideas of people we plan on reaching out to.

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