New Book Based on 2001 Cult Film THE DOUBLE-D AVENGER

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of famous cult movie The Double-D Avenger, writer/creator/filmmaker William Winckler has just released a new book based on his iconic film and its characters, titled The Double-D Avenger Meets the Horny Howlers. Winckler’s latest fiction novel is the first new story based on The Double-D Avenger movie in twenty-years, and it’s now available worldwide on eBook and in paperback on Amazon.

“Fans from everywhere have asked for a sequel to my crazy cult movie, which stars Russ Meyer’s famous actresses. Now they’ve got it with my new book, which coincides with the film’s twentieth anniversary. It’s outrageous, naughty fun,” says writer/creator William Winckler.

The Double-D Avenger Meets the Horny Howlers is the sexy action-comedy sequel to Winckler’s 2001 cult movie classic, The Double-D Avenger, which stars Russ Meyer film icons Kitten Natividad (Russ Meyer’s Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens), Haji (Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) and Raven De La Croix (Russ Meyer’s Up!). Sci-fi/horror film icon Forrest J Ackerman (Famous Monsters) also appears.

The new book’s wildly entertaining plot picks up where the original movie left off. When werewolves suddenly appear all over Driftwood Valley and attack beautiful women, the Double-D Avenger – busty costumed crime-fighter – must stop them! The superhero with super-breasts uncovers a diabolical extortion plot hatched by a 1970’s style street pimp named King Hoochi! Why do guys transform into lustful wolf-men after making whoopee with Hoochi’s prostitutes? Does the werewolf antidote the cunning pimp offers actually work? Can Double-D solve the riddles, defeat the monsters, and bring Hoochi and his Hoes to justice?

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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