iHeartRadio and Einhorn’s Epic Productions Launch Gripping Horror Podcast, “See You In Your Nightmares”

iHeartRadio and Einhorn’s Epic Productions today launched “See You In Your Nightmares,” an original scripted horror podcast. The show was produced in 3-D audio, a revolutionary approach to audio entertainment that reproduces the effect of immersive surround sound — and offers a terrifying addition to the podcast’s twists and turns. Starting today, listeners can tune into iHeartRadio to experience the first installment of the 12-episode series.

“See You In Your Nightmares” tells the story of Harper Hart, who has been plagued by insomnia since the mysterious death of her twin sister. In desperation, Harper turns to an experimental treatment, but something goes terribly wrong. Now, Harper can enter other people’s dreams — soon, however, she discovers that she’s not alone and will have to overcome her deepest fears to make it out of the nightmare.

“See You In Your Nightmares” is the latest addition to the burgeoning field of scripted podcasts and arrives just in time for Halloween season. Anchored by a strong cast of voice actors and the vision of creators Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni, the show will have listeners hooked with its dynamic mix of mystery, suspense, horror, and coming-of-age themes. Buoyed by groundbreaking 3-D audio, “Nightmares” is sure to resonate with podcast fans of all ages.

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