Uncle Sleazo’s Toxic and Terrifying T.V. Hour (crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

Hello, My name is Lucky Cerruti, a filmmaker, writer, and director based out of New York City and Lake Placid, NY. Underground Horror fans may be familiar with my films Kindness of Strangers and Freak. My company Dead Vision Productions is a multimedia production and distribution company dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the horror genre.

I am so excited to tell you about our new film, Uncle Sleazo’s Toxic and Terrifying T.V. Hour. This wacky, nostalgic, subgenre-spanning anthology features frightening films, toxic trailers, and creepy commercials served up by our favorite spooky cable access TV horror host, Uncle Sleazo. We’ve got gore, we’ve got atmosphere, we’ve got puppets! I really feel that there is going to be something for everyone in this film.

I am joined by my longtime collaborators Matt Sorensen and Leslie Dame along with a cadre of incredible artists in making this project a reality. This is DVP’s third project filmed in New York’s beautiful Adirondack park, taking advantage of the stunning locations and the abundance of local talent. Dead Vision Productions has always been about making cool art with your friends, and we are so happy to be able to open it up to all of our friends out there in the world with this campaign.

We’re taking some really big swings with this film. We have always wanted to make an anthology, and this one will not disappoint. We’re packing in the content; atmospheric, gore-filled creature features, supernatural encounters, and in true T.V. Hour fashion, this film comes complete with commercials, trailers, and our charmingly disturbing host, Uncle Sleazo.

We have exhausted our funds bringing this project to the edge, and we need help pushing it over the top. Creating all of this content comes at a much higher price than any other film we’ve produced, even when you’re able to shoot in your own backyard. We’ve created set pieces, costumes, props, practical effects, and puppets for all of our subgenre-spanning segments.

We’re in the home stretch on production. We really want to wrap it up knowing that it’s the best that it can be, and that’s where you come in!

We still have some major pieces to film and edit, which will be our most technically challenging segments to create. Matt and I are really going all out on our hand made creatures and practical effects, but these things are decidedly expensive when you want to make professional, high quality films.

Your contribution will also defray the cost of supplies and equipment for editing, scoring, reproduction, and distribution of the finished film.

Even if we don’t reach our fundraising goal, every cent we raise is crucial to completing this film, from high quality prosthetic makeup and practical effects right on down to physical production.

We have so many great perks to offer you. From the casual fan to the obsessive collector, we’ve got you covered; different editions of the DVD, Blu Ray, props, limited edition merchandise, all the way up to a walk-on role in our upcoming film, Freak II.

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