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Film Festival Favorite THE VISITOR Releases Teaser Trailer Ahead of October 29th Streaming Debut

During the unprecedented uncertainty of the Great Pandemic, artists and musicians were presented with an extraordinary amount of time to create. It was then that Mark Palgy, composer (former VHS or Beta) and glitch artist known as De4thrace, decided it was time to make a short horror film, a longtime dream. With the help of his wife and an exceptional crew, a story was written, shot and completed.

Filmed over the course of 4 days, The Visitor shows the Kentucky countryside through the lens of old slasher and horror film grain. It’s a story of…finding yourself.

Out of the gate, The Visitor has already been accepted into Iowa’s Halloweenapalooza and Utah’s esteemed FilmQuest, who called it “transcendent and unique.”

“I am a bassist and film composer by trade, but when everything shut down and the work dried up, I decided I needed to finally shoot my own film, completely indie, in the heart of Kentucky.”

The Visitor is out October 29 on YouTube, with an accompanying single hitting all streaming platforms with limited VHS cassette tape available via Bandcamp.

See What the Critics Are Saying:

“I’m trying to be a fair judge, but THE VISITOR is kind of perfect just the way it is. It’s gritty and weird and nostalgic and thinks outside the box…9/10” – Horror Society

“It very much succeeds as a stand-alone short but could also definitely be expanded into a feature that brings the simple yet chilling story to a global scale, 4 out 5 stars” – Sick Flix


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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