Official Trailer and First Look at CWM Entertainment’s CHILDREN OF SIN

The film follows Emma, a pregnant teenager, and Jackson, her gay brother, who are sent to Abraham House – a secluded religious retreat for young adults – by their abusive stepfather to rid them of their sinning ways. Soon, they start to suspect that Abraham House has a more sinister way of cleansing their souls than they could have ever imagined. For Abraham House has a motto – if you don’t leave a different person, you won’t be leaving at all.

The film is written and directed by Christopher Wesley Moore (A Stranger Among the Living, Triggered, Blessed Are the Children) and stars Meredith Mohler (Triggered), Lewis Hines (Boots and Trenches), and Jo Ann Robinson (Scalps). The film is currently in post-production with an eye on an early 2022 release.

Official Links:
Instagram: @childrenofsinmovie

Written by Blacktooth

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