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THE GIRL WHO WASN’T MISSING Now Arriving on DVD and VOD After 12 Years

THE GIRL WHO WASN’T MISSING is finally being released this Tuesday, January 18th, after sitting on the shelf for 12 long years. Director Shane Ryan shot the film back in 2009, completing post-production the following year before seeking distribution. The picture finally secured distribution around 2015 but because Ryan had used the footage from the movie in another film of his he had to wait for rights to expire on the previous picture. “I believe this is the much better film of the two, but given that it’s been 13 years since I shot it there’s so many things I’d change if I were making this movie today,” says Ryan. “But I’m glad that it’s finally being released. I think it’s story is just as relevant today.”

The film tells the story of a girl and her life on the streets, after being kicked out of her home when her father finds out that she’s pregnant (the result of a brutal gang-rape). Eventually she must turn to prostitution as a means for survival. There’s no easy answers to the very tough questions that the film asks.”If anything,” says Ryan, “I think it just asks you to acknowledge that the people you encounter on the streets are, in fact, human beings. and to treat them as such.”

DVD extras for the film include; Director’s Commentary, Interview with director Shane Ryan, Featurette: A Boy, A Girl and a Camera, Shane Ryan Retrospective, Public Service Announcements, Short films and Trailers.

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