From the Indiegogo page:

Fuzzy Monkey Films is making a sequel to our hit 80s slasher gorefest KILLER CAMPOUT and we need your help! Brad Twigg (KILLER CAMPOUT, SHRIEKSHOW) is returning to direct and the script was written by legendary cult filmmaker Jon Killough (SKINNED ALIVE, ROBOT NINJA, THE DEAD NEXT DOOR). Joining them as producers are Chris O’Brocki (SHRIEKSHOW, BOUNTY), Daniel Brooks (SHRIEKSHOW, WRESTLEMASSACRE), Michael McGlynn (BLOODY SUMMER CAMP, GO AWAY) and Jaime Weisman (GO AWAY, BLOODY SUMMER CAMP). Ubertalented synthwave artist Protector 101 is returning to compose the score and the film will feature songs by Foxx, Joy Circuit, Darkside, Razed Rott’n, and more.

SYNOPSIS: A group of troubled teens are led into the woods by a New Age guru who promises to help them heal their minds, hearts and troubled souls. But, one by one, those raw wounds are ripped open, spurting bright, red blood across Camp Phoenix! Because the cannibalistic killer who once haunted these woods – long thought dead and buried – has been reawakened by a trio of teenage, Satan-worshiping metal-heads. The dreaded beast of Blackwell’s Woods once again roams the forest, preying on the innocent – and not so innocent – who dared to enter his domain. Satanic rituals and supernatural secrets will haunt the survivors of this brutal massacre… if there are any survivors!


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