THE EVIL THREE Fan Film (Crowd Funding)

CJ Vecchio, an award winning director is excited to bring you THE EVIL THREE; the ultimate slasher/horror fan film crowdfunding campaign! The Evil Three is a feature-length fan film starring the most iconic horror film franchise villains in history, it’s 3 fan films in 1 with; Jason, Michael & Leatherface! Our campaign promises to be the most “FAN INVOLVED – FAN FRIENDLY” crowdfunder ever on Indiegogo. We want to give fans in the horror community a chance to come on board and be a part of the filmmaking process.

Choose Who Will Win; Michael, Jason, or Leatherface
You can be Jason, Michael, Leatherface for a day or be a Bloody Victim in the film!
Fan’s will get to vote for which ending (out of 3) that will be in the film, join in on zoom production meetings, get IMDb credit, plus more!
Plus, we are offering the BEST perks for every price point.

Smith’s Grove Sanitarium is closing due to federal & state budget cuts and they must transfer the last and most dangerous THREE temporarily to the Livingston County Jail just outside Haddonfield, Illinois. As the inmate bus only has miles left to travel, let’s just say…things go really bad! As the THREE escape and are on the run, a quiet neighborhood has no idea that EVIL is coming for them!

Written by Blacktooth

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