Graphic Novelist Richard Fairgray Invites Readers on a Creepy Summer Vacation in Black Sand Beach 3

In May 2020, award-winning comic book and picture book author/illustrator Richard Fairgray debuted Black Sand Beach, a middle-grade graphic novel series about a haunted summer vacation. Perfect for fans of Gravity Falls and Fake Blood, Pixel+Ink is gearing up to release the next installment in the masterful series: Black Sand Beach #3: Have You Seen the Darkness?

Dash and the crew are on a mission to save their summer vacation home from competing evils. After reading Dash’s journal from the previous summer—the summer he doesn’t remember—the kids piece together that Dash’s new ghost girl friends were really puppets of a darker evil that collects the identities of its victims. And now that evil has come to call. Kelsey and Casey visited Black Sand Beach in the 90s, back when it was a legit beach town with boogie boards, ice cream, T-shirt shops. But they weren’t on a summer escape. They were tagging along on their dad’s monster-hunting mission. They found one. And it ate them. Now, back in the present, Dash and his crew must put this face-stealing monster to rest. Before the Darkness, and all the evil of Black Sand Beach takes Dash . . . forever.

Horror enthusiasts and reluctant readers alike are sure love Black Sand Beach. Richard Fairgray’s art and text is both age appropriate and wholly appealing to adult readers who may pick up on an extra joke or two.

Black Sand Beach #3: Have You Seen the Darkness? will hit shelves on June 21, 2022. I’d be delighted if you were to consider this delightfully creepy graphic novel for any upcoming coverage. If you’d like to receive an advance copy or review PDF (of this and/or earlier books in the series), please let me know and I will send them your way. I’d also be happy to connect you with Richard Fairgray for a potential interview. I’ve included his bio and early praise below my signature.

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